This is a place to sense time.

Atami is easily accessed from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other major cities.
With its warm, pleasant climate and abundant forest and ocean scenery,
Atami has been popular as a hot spring resort since old times.
Soak in the bountiful hot springs while taking in the region's natural beauty.
Experience moments that will soothe and invigorate your mind and body.

Each FUFU hotel is unique.

Enjoy a relaxing time while savoring the charms of the Atami region.


Sea breeze-scented,
moisture-rich amenities.

For our shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body gels, and hand and face washes, we have selected moisture-rich, organic products that are gentle on your skin.
Furnished by Yokou, which means "lingering scent" in Japanese, they provide a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance.
The ocean fragrance of FUFU Atami will linger in your mind afterward along with the memories of your stay, and whenever you breathe in that scent, it will bring back the precious moments you experienced here.

Restaurant Yumeoto
Restaurant Yumeoto
Restaurant Yumeoto
Restaurant Yumeoto
Restaurant Yumeoto
Restaurant Yumeoto

Fresh, locally caught seafood.
Restaurant Yumeoto.

FUFU's restaurants serve food made with local ingredients that capture the essence of the region.
Featuring the flavors of the sea, the colors of the seasons, and the spirit of Atami, we serve Japanese dishes that can be experienced only here at FUFU. Enjoy seasonal ingredients at their finest.