""Spa by sisley""

At the Spa by sisley, we focus on the state of mind and body of each of our guests.

Through the benefits from plants and methods based on traditional rituals from around the world, our all-hand treatment method restores health and vitality.
We offer personal and customized treatments through our highly skilled specialists.

Let yourself be transported from the ordinary, through a luxurious voyage to a sensorial world, with our heart-warming hospitality.

[Opening Hours]13:00~22:00
[Reservation]Please contact Atami FUFU reservation center.
TEL:+81-557-86-3646 / E-MAIL:

* Reservation at 21:00 (last reception) will be limited to 60min treatments.
* Please consult us in advance for reservations before or after opening hours.


フィト アロマティック フェイシャル
A basic treatment that ensures a sensorial journey to the world of Sisley. Enjoy the veil of aroma progressively drifting throughout the treatment, a personal touch and rhythm, immersing in the benefits of plant extracts.
The Expert 60min ¥18,000


For dehydrated dry skin


For luminous, toned, radiant skin


For sensitive and delicate skin


For combination to oily skin with dilated pores and acne skin


For dry and dehydrated skin

For men

For all skin types, focusing on men's facial specific needs

The Aging-Care (including hand or foot massage)
90min ¥29,000
A treatment focusing on the complex signs of aging, promoting the revival of the skin. A massage with abundant use of the aging care*cream, leaving the skin firm and toned. This ultimate luxury treatment will free your mind and body from the inner depth.


For dull and fatigued skin

Sisleÿa Dry
to very Dry

For dry and wrinkled skin

to Oily

For tending to oily skin due to environment

Hydra Global

For dehydrated and dry skin with signs of skin aging

*Care in accordance to your age
エッセンシャル スパ フェイシャル(ハンドまたはフット マッサージ付)
THE ESSENTIAL SPA FACIALS (including hand or foot massage)
A treatment with natural stones and benefits from plants, easing your tension and fatigue and delivering radiance and joy to your skin. A synergie of deep healing with warm stones, aromatherapy, unique hand technique bringing about harmony to skin and mind.
Leading you to a lustrous and sublime beauty.
Brightening 75min ¥27,000
Treatment with use of the brightening care series, “Phyto- Blanc”, focusing on UV damaged skin care and aging signs for a brighter and Comfort Extreme.
Comfort Extreme 75min ¥25,000
Easing tense lines and small wrinkles from dehydration, restoring the skin to its original condition, to promote a soft and full skin.
フィト アロマティック スプレミヤ フェイシャル
This treatment includes the use of the Sisley signature Supreme Anti-Aging*Skin Care ""Supremÿa”,
with a muscle grabbing massage technique resulting in a highly effective ft-up and firming effect.
Designed to fight gravity, daily stress and withering skin bringing ultimate joy for the skin, for tomorrow's prideful skin.
* Care in accordance to your age.
The Muscular Massage (A hand or foot massage is inclusive in the 90min treatment)
60min ¥33,000 / 90min ¥42,000
A unique massage technique in lifting-up the muscles.
Leaving skin smooth and rosy with a toned and sharp impression.
The effects of this treatment will even surprise you the next day.
The Rejuvenating Eye (with foot and head massage)
60min ¥27,000
Designed for the busy and pressured, with head, neck, shoulder aches and eyestrain.
This treatment targets concerns of the eye contour: dark circles, sagging of the eyelids, wrinkles and puffiness.The look is brighter expression lines are smoothed, the eye contour is rejuvenated and radiant.
フィト アロマティック ボディ トリートメント
A unique treatment that combines traditional massage rituals throughout the world and the power of aromatherapy to reunify the body and mind. Including a facial massage with use of the anti-aging care*cream, caring for the whole body and reviving the senses and regenerating the body and mind.
*Care in accordance to your age
The Relaxing (with facial treatment)
90min ¥25,000
A treatment starting form Reiki (universal life energy) to the meridian followed by a pressure massage technique enveloping the entire body with long and flowing stokes loosening the stiffness from the heel the way to the back.
The Energizing (including Facial Treatment)
90min ¥25,000
A dynamic massage replenishing vitality, acting on swellings and cellulites, firming the body line.
スパ エッセンシャル ボディ トリートメント
90min ¥28,000
A treatment warming the body from the inner depth with hot basalt stones on tense muscles. Combined with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and Thai style stretching to ease tensions from mind and body, and more tolerant to cold.
Inviting you to a deep relaxation, a treatment for a rich and real revitalising experience.
スペシフィック フィト アロマティック ボディ トリートメント
* Also available with Facial or Body treatments.
The Exfoliating Body Treatment (including mist sauna)
60min ¥22,000
A gentle full body revitalising scrub followed by a body cream massage adapted to your skin, leaving the skin silky and smooth.
The Exfoliating Body Treatment (only scrub)
30min ¥12,000
A treatment to be combined with a Facial or Body treatments.
* Not available independently.
The Back Treatment 60min ¥18,000
A treatment with cleansing, scrub, mask and massage for the back A care for acne, dullness, dilated pore problems repairing the back.
Recommended as pre-bridal treatment.
The Hand Treatment (up to elbows) 45min ¥9,000
A refined massage and scrub from finger tips to arms for a toned and exquisite hand.
The Foot Treatment (Up to knees) 45min ¥10,000
A refined massage and scrub easing leg fatigue, swelling and cold feet leaving the leg firm and beautiful.
The Head & Shoulder Treatment 30min ¥5,000
A massage with Shiatsu head massage focusing on the pressure points and massaging areas from neck, shoulders and decollete to ease the stiffness and fatigue.
Recommended for heavy computer users, as others with shoulder aches and eyestrain.
Extend ¥4,000/per 15min
プレジャーズ ボディ トリートメント
A body massage with deep Shiatsu pressure and long strokes, easing the body's tension through a dynamic and rhythmical touch, relieving stress from mind and body.
An immediate refreshing effect leading you.
""Wishing to respond to further pursuits of ultimate beauty and vitality.""
This haute-couture treatment is formulated, treating the face, body and mind as whole, for the pursuit in acquiring sublime beauty and reaching pure bliss of mind and body.
(Body, Facial massage, Hot Stone etc.)
A pampering treatment with luxurious benefits specifically for you, bringing out the joy and drive towards beauty for your next step.
* 120min, 150min, 180min treatments are also available. Please consult us.


  • Please note that if guests are late for the reservation, depending on availability, we may suggest a change of treatment or shortening the length of treatment.
  • We highly recommend advanced reservations for treatments, for we may not meet your requests due to booking availability.
  • We only recommend Facial Treatments for pregnant guests.
  • Guests with infections or serious illnesses are not permitted.
  • In order to maintain a relaxing, sensorial spa environment and service, we ask our guests to refrain from using the cell phone and smoking at our premises.
    Furthermore, guests under 16 years old are not permitted.
  • Please notify us for any rescheduling or cancellations at least a day prior to the reservation.
    A 50% cancellation fee is charged for any cancellation on the day.
  • We provide a mist sauna.
    A 20min reservation will be necessary for use.
    Prior preparation is necessary so please notify us at the moment of reservation All listed prices include tax and service charges.
  • All listed prices include tax and service charges, until Sep 2019.
    * Price changes from Oct. 2019 due to the consumption tax policy.