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Gorgeous Guestrooms

Luxury Suites

Atami Fufu's Luxury Suites are a terrestrial slice of paradise. Each suite features a unique style and ambience, yet all Luxury Suites represent the full flowering of Atami Fufu's brand of personalized luxury and comfort for the finest quality stay.

Comfort Suites

With comfort a top priority, the relaxed furnishings and warm tones of these suites provide a tranquil and comfortable environment to unwind in, and the sumptuous bedding transports you into a deep, peaceful slumber. Whether you prefer the stylish lines and surfaces of Japanese interiors and the elegant simplicity of tatami, or the plush softness and familiarity of western furnishing and carpeting, there is a Comfort Suite that will catch your eye and your heart.

Stylish Suites

Atami Fufu's spacious Stylish Suites (from 60.2 m) offer guests the rich comfort and magnificent opulence they expect from a first-class hotel. All Stylish Suites provide full amenities including comfortable bedding, a large sitting area, and private outdoor hot spring bath.